London, United Kingdom
    Male', Maldives

    Ambassador Shiaan issues a statement in response to changes on the UK Government website regarding travel advice for tourists visiting the Maldives

    25 September 2017; In response to the recent changes regarding travel advice to the Maldives on the UK Government website, Ambassador to the United Kingdom Ahmed Shiaan stated: 

    “I have been in contact with officials from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to discuss the change in travel advice for tourists visiting the Maldives. They have assured me that the revision is not particular to the Maldives or based on any specific threat to the Maldives. In fact, travel advice for various other countries has also been updated to reflect the same information, using the exact same text. These updates are based on changes to the perceived threat level against UK citizens globally – given the tragic domestic events in recent months – rather than any changes in the nations themselves.”

    “Nonetheless, we have increased security at our airports to ensure the absolute safety of both our citizens and tourists”

    “The Government would like to reiterate that the Maldives remains one of the safest destinations in the world. There has never been a fatal terrorist incident against a tourist in the Maldives. This is a record that we are proud of and one that we will work hard to maintain.”

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